fredag 2 januari 2015

Thank you 2014! You have been an amazing year. We're so happy and thankful for all the crazy and wonderful moments that comes with music. All the late nights in the studio. The inspiration to all the songs we released. The struggles and fights for our passion. All the laughs over silly lyrics. The rush of hearing your song on the radio or live in an arena for the first time. Our first gold and platinum records. And all the people we met this year that has inspired us to keep going and to keep making music written from the heart. 2015 we welcome you with open arms, bring your joy and struggles. We're so thankful to always feel that we're living. To have energy flowing in and out because of music. Can't wait to bring you new songs and to see where this year will take us. May peace love and understandning be with you all! 😊✨🌸🌈🌻🌞

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